a short walk by the river

Really short. Just about 100 feet.

Nighttime in Glasgow


we're lookin' oot ra windae

across the river Clyde....

Glasgow sunset

More to follow, soon. Honest.

Summer in France & Benelux : back-filling the Blog

returning from a lengthy trip always

means a big backlog of photos and stuff needs to be put on the blog. Maybe when the iPad arrives things will be easier, as it may allow blogging from far-flung pairts.

Meanwhile, however, Jim has still to finish getting the South African stuff posted, and we’ve been back from there more than nine months now!

So in the next couple of weeks we hope to finish posting our holiday stuff from July 2010 in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands - all of it back-dated to the relevant dates.

You can find the relevant stuff, all together in one reverse-chronological screen, here

Keep watching, and keep in touch!!!

J & R